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你購買的產品(例外如下)如果符合本文下述的退貨和換貨標準(詳情如下),可自收到產品日期(以簽收日期為準)起 7天內享受【7 日內無條件退換貨】服務。


 》某些特定的優惠 / 促銷活動的訂單,如需申請退貨,需把該訂單的所有產品全部退回。不接受部分退貨和退款。


如果你是 Yahaloma 會員,則可以登入到 Yahaloma 會員帳戶選擇退貨或換貨。如果以訪客身份購物,則可以通過輸入你的訂單號碼及電郵地址以處理退貨或換貨。如想了解更多有關資料,請參閱訂單如何退換貨?請盡快把需要退回的產品連同退 / 換貨編號一並寄回。如我們未能於創建日起計 7天內收到退回的產品,系統將自動取消相關退 / 換貨申請。我們將無法為你辦理退 / 換貨申請


享受上述「7 日內無條件退換貨」或個別活動的退換標準服務時也有一些限制,其中申請退換產品需仍是原購買時的狀況、並符合二次銷售的條件。如產品未能符合以下的二次銷售條件,或退換貨時所提供的資訊不足,我們有權拒絕接受退換貨申請,並會透過訂單上的電話或電郵方式聯絡你,以安排產品退還事宜。


















不符合「7 日內無條件退換貨」或個別活動的退換標準







If you receive the product


If the product purchased (exceptions are as follows) meets the return and exchange criteria described in this article (details are as follows), you can enjoy [unconditional return and exchange within 7 days] within 7 days from the date of receipt of the product (subject to the date of receipt) Serve.

Except for the following products:

>>For orders with certain special offers/promotions, if you need to apply for a return, you need to return all the products in the order. Partial returns and refunds are not accepted.

How do I return or exchange an item?

If you are a Yahaloma member, you can choose to return or exchange an item by logging into your Yahaloma member account. If you shop as a guest, you can process returns or exchanges by entering your order number and email address. For more information, please refer to "How to return or exchange an order?" Please send back the product to be returned together with the return/exchange number as soon as possible. If we fail to receive the returned product within 7 days from the creation date, the system will automatically cancel the relevant return/exchange application. We will not be able to process returns/exchanges for you.

What does it mean to not affect secondary sales?

There are also some restrictions when enjoying the above-mentioned "unconditional return and exchange within 7 days" or the return and exchange standard service of individual activities. Among them, the application for return and exchange of products must still be in the condition of the original purchase and meet the conditions for secondary sales. If the product fails to meet the following secondary sales conditions, or the information provided when returning the product is insufficient, we have the right to refuse to accept the return application, and will contact you by telephone or email on the order to arrange the return of the product matter.

If Yahaloma fails to contact you or receive your reply within the specified time, Yahaloma will process the product according to internal procedures without further notice.

All related accessories must be returned together.

Clothes: Hang tags, washing labels, and neck labels are kept intact (no tearing or disassembly); the product itself has no graffiti, stains, or unwashed; if there is dustproof packaging, it must be returned together;


Other products: The packaging and tag of the product must be kept intact (no tearing, no disassembly, no graffiti, etc.), the original accessories of the product are available, and the product itself is intact. The outer packaging of the product is intact. (Please make sure that the shoe box is not damaged, smeared or pasted with any foreign objects such as adhesive tape or courier sheets, etc.). If there is any damage to the product packaging (including accessories) upon receipt, please contact us first for assistance.

What products are eligible for return?

The application for unconditional return and exchange must meet the above return and exchange standards, and all relevant accessories (such as product guarantee cards and gifts for some products must be returned together.)

For any reason or without conditions means:

• Manufacturing issues

• The color, pattern, model and material of the product are not as described on the website

• wrong size or wrong size

• logistic issue

• don't like the product

• Purchase error

• Defects and Product Quality Issues (Additional restrictions apply to the return/refund process for defective products.)

Please note that for some special discounts or promotional activities, the entire order must be returned, and partial returns and refund applications will not be accepted.


Under what circumstances can not exchange?

We cannot assist with returns and exchanges if the following situations occur:

• Does not meet the "unconditional return within 7 days" or the return criteria of individual activities

• Improper use of the product, including but not limited to contact with special moisture, chemicals, gasoline, paint, detergents, solvents, cooking oil, excessive heating, etc.

• The product is off-line and cracked due to external hard objects scratches or internal wear and other reasons

• The product has exceeded its useful life, resulting in breakage

• Product damage due to improper washing

• Discoloration of product due to display

• The appearance of the product is not clean

Shipping Method

Fixed fee : MOP0
1. All orders from Macau will be shipped by eBuy, please confirm that the shipping address is correct
2. All orders outside Macau will be shipped by Macay Post EMS, please make sure the shipping address is correct
2. Generally, the order will be shipped within 3-7 days after the order is placed. If the delivery is affected by any weather conditions, please be patience
3. In addition to meet the free shipping conditions or being a free shipping discount, all shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer
4. If you haven’t received any notification in14 days after the order is placed, please contact us as soon as possible